Senior Python developer



The Team works cross-functionally and develops new products from analysis to design, from algorithms to user interface and takes responsibility for the entire product. Example of products will be sent to candidates with suitable profiles.

  • We implement new functions in existing products and maintain the products that are launched already.
  • We support the testers when they develop and run tests
  • We program in Linux environment and use GDB, Git and Gerrit
  • We use agile methodologies for development and project management
  • Programming mainly in Python, C/C++, JavaScript, PHP and SQL: Python is the main technology, JavaScript second most important and C/C++ third, PHP fourth. C/C++ and PHP are good in order to understand older versions of the products, but is not the key competence.

About the applicant:
– Experience and interest in web development
– Team player who can work closely together with others and see the team’s success as their own success.
– Result oriented and can work with several tasks at the same time.
– Good English and willingness to learn Swedish.
– Have senior qualities, such as the ability to coach others, see the over-all vision of the project and
find solutions based on a large number of parameters and opinions.

Especially valuable personal skills:
– The candidate can see problems as possibilities and find solutions, be innovative
– Experience in machine learning, deep Learning and computer vision
– Experience of design and implementation of cloud services
– Experience of design and implementation of web GUI
– Experience of Test Driven Development


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